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All these books are currently available at the piano library of Ms Sim's house. Original books of these titles are available for sale to the public. You can contact her at the Contact Form page. All books 20% discount. Thanks

Grade 1-5 Piano Lesson Books


Specimen Aural Tests Grade 1-3

Specimen Aural Tests Grade 8


John Thompson Beginner book one and two

John Thompson Grade 1

John Thompson Grade 2

John Thompson Grade 3


John Schaum Book Pre A, A to Book H


Graded Pianoforte Series Grade 1

Graded Pianoforte Series Grade 2

Graded Pianoforte Series Grade 3


Piano Anthology Series 1 Book II Grades 1 - 2

Piano Anthology Series 2 Book III Grades 1-2

Piano Anthology Series 


A Dozen A Day Mini

A Dozen A Day Preparatory

A Dozen A Day Book 1

A Dozen A Day Book 2

A Dozen A Day Book 3


Bach Anna Magdalena Notebook Palmer


Burgmuller op 100 25 Progressive Pieces 

Czerny op599 Practical Method for Beginners on the Piano 

Czerny op849

Kabalevsky Little Pieces for Children

Tchaikovsky Album for the Young


Kuhlau Sonatina

Bach 2 Part Inventions and Sinfonias


-Faber Piano Adventures lvl2A Lesson book

-Faber Piano Literature book 2 early intermediate original keyboard classics


Trinity Exam Pieces 2012-2014 Grade 3


Advanced Repertoire Books


Schubert Impromptus op 90

Schubert Sonatas op 120


Brahms 2 Rhapsodies op 79

Brahms Klavierstucke


Bach Well Tempered Clavier Book 1

Bach Well Tempered Clavier Book 2

Bach 7 Toccatas


Czerny op299 The School of Velocity

Czerny The Art of Finger Dexterity

Hanon Virtuoso Pianist in 60 exercises


Chopin Nocturnes

Chopin Ballades

Chopin Scherzos

Chopin Etudes

Chopin Concertos 1 and 2


Sonata Album - Alfred publishing


Mozart Sonatas Volume 1

Mozart Sonatas Volume 2

Mozart Concerto k466, 467, 482, 488

Mozart Sonata k332

Mozart 12 Variations in C "Ah Vous dirai-je Maman"


Debussy Arabesque, Images, Preludes, Children's Corner

Debussy Etudes


Aaron Copland Cat and Mouse


Piano Masterpieces of Maurice Ravel


Beethoven Sonata volume 1-3

Beethoven Waldstein


Grade 8 ABRSM Exam Pieces 2007, 2009


Liszt Etudes

Liszt Rhapsodie Espagnole


ABRSM Scales Grade 7 and 8



Theory Books


Grade 5

Understanding Music Theory Grade 5

Theory of Music Exams 2009, 2010, 2012 Grade 5

Theory of Music Exams Model Answer Grade 5 2009, 2010, 2012

Music Theory in Practise Grade 5 Revised

Music Theory in Practise Grade 5 Answers


Theory: Beginner, Grades 1-4

Poco Music Theory for Young Musicians Book 1

Poco Music Theory for Young Musicians Book 2

Poco Music Theory for Young Musicians Book 3

Poco Music Theory for Young Musicians Book 4

Poco Music Theory for Young Musicians Gd 1-5

General Exercises on Music Theory Grade 1-4

Specimen Papers for Theory of Music Gd 1-4

First Steps in Music Theory Grade 1-5

ABRSM Theory of Music Exams previous years Grade 1-8

Famous Children Handel - storybook


Grade 6 Theory

Elements of Music Concept and Application

ABC of Harmony Series book A

Theory of Music Made Easy Grade 6

Music Theory in Practice Grade 6

ABRSM Harmony in Practice Grade 6

ABRSM Harmony in Practice Grade 6 Answers

The AB Guide to Music Theory Part 2



Oxford Concise Dictionary of Music

Music: An Appreciation

Music Teacher's Companion

Art Fundamentals

Teaching Notes on PIano Exam Pieces ABRSM

Piano Lesson by Anna Goldworthy

Mastering the Art of Performance

The Pianist's Craft

Schumann Life and Death of a Musician

Guide to Performers in Baroque Period

Guide to Performers in Classical Period

Guide to Performers in Romantic Period

Piano Notes by Charles Rosen

Piano Technique by Walter Gieseking

Mao's Last Dance

Piano Lessons

Over Education



Music Note Book Student Assignment Book

Music Manuscript