Teaching Subjects

Piano Lessons


Provide piano lessons from beginner until Grade 8


price:  according to Grade level, adult/children student and location.

Monthly fees 4 lessons

Beginners $160 (45 mins per lesson)

Grades 1-2 $180 (45 mins per lesson)

Grades 3-4 $200 (45 mins per lesson)

Grades 5-6 $250 (60 mins per lesson)

Grades 7-8 $280 (60 mins per lesson)

Students' Opportunities 

I can motivate students to love piano, I use the most advanced Faber student friendly curriculum. It is connected to iPad app for independent learning. Each page has amazing soundtrack & duet (background music) to play together. Like playing with a band. 

Fun ways to teach notes reading, theory, listening skills.


Learning about composers & orchestra stories, music listening with beautifully illustrated story books. 

Perform popular modern & new age piano pieces to students after class. 

Introduce students to art & music festival, free concerts, museums, interacting with smart art installations, etc. 

Teaching Locations

I teach at 108 Rivervale Walk (Sengkang, northeast Singapore)

Parents can feel free to make enquiries.